Special Session

Natural Products in Cancer Prevention and Therapy: Progress and Challenges

Session Chairman
Anupam Bishayee, Larkin University, FL, USA
Title: Pomegranate phytochemicals target inflammatory signaling to confer prevention of mammary carcinogenesis


Steven J. Melnick, Nicklaus Children's Hospital, FL, USA
Title: Anticancer mechanisms of a supercritical CO2 extract of mango ginger (Curcuma amada Roxb.)
Sanjay Gupta, Case Western Reserve University & The Urology Institute, OH, USA
Title: Dietary polyphenols as epigenetic modulators: Progress and challenges
Ratna B. Ray, Saint Louis University, MO, USA
Title: An immunomodulatory role of bitter melon extract in inhibition of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma growth
Regina Graham, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, FL, USA
Title: Targeting glioblastoma stem cells with curcumin and curcumin analogs
Mukerrem Betul Yerer Aycan, University of Erciyes, Turkey
Title: Targeting growth factors by the cures of Mother Nature
Yeşim Aktaş, Erciyes University, Turkey
Title: Nanoparticulate drug delivery in cancer therapy
Kalyan Venkata, College of Pharmacy, Larkin University, FL, USA
Title: Structural Activity Relationship studies of limonoids and their derivatives as anti-cancer agents
Gregor A. Rodriguez, University of Miami, FL, USA
Title: Withaferin a causes reduction of key stem-cell regulators inducing neuroblastoma differentiation
Rahul R. Deshmukh, LECOM-School of Pharmacy, FL, USA
Title: Targeting the proteasome pathway for cancer treatment: lessons from mother nature